Welcome to the world of Knights of Atlantis.

The dark and turbulent seas of the future… Sprawling floating cities vie for power.


Amongst them, a legend reborn – Atlantis. The greatest empire to ever rule the waves.


In this war-ravaged world, a mysterious young boy is plucked from the seas and raised in the house of Terilius - Emperor of Atlantis.


Open waters though, hide many dangers. When the Emperor is brutally slain, the young prince is forced to flee Atlantis.


On the run, thrust into a lawless world. Athos must learn to come to grips with his true identity. But the ocean has many secrets, and not even Athos is aware of the terrifying power he possesses…

The first novel in the Knights of Atlantis saga is now available to read in the Kindle eBook Store as well as in paperback!

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Knights of Atlantis visualized.  


Now Available!

Paperback and Kindle eBook.

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