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Knights of Atlantis Novel
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Second Edition coming in:

in Paperback

and eBook.

Aramys—the mysterious child of the sea, rescued from the waters during the fall of the floating city of Elysia by Empress Cleo of Atlantis.

Raised in the house of Terilius, Emperor of Atlantis, the young and curious Aramys is the heir to the throne of the greatest oceanic empire the world has ever seen...


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Kyra, the vivacious Duchess of Ratha, the largest floating city in the Atlantic.


A childhood friend of Aramys, Kyra spent many summers at the Imperial Palace in Kalitha Ra.


Handy with a Korabium sword, Kyra’s feisty nature often gets her into trouble but makes her a loyal friend, and perhaps more, to Aramys.


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The wise, powerful ruler of Atlantis.

Emperor Terilius united the warring ocean factions of the Pacific under the banner of the Atlantean empire, and forged within in it a new capital—Kalitha.


A resolute, fair and kind-hearted ruler, he raised Athos as if he was his own son.


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The ethereal Empress of Atlantis, childhood sweetheart of the Emperor and loved by all in Atlantis—unable to conceive, until the ocean answered her prayers...


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The charismatic and suave freighter captain of the Odyssey. Ex-Navy, Dyesel harbors a deep resentment about the institution that betrayed him, but beneath a tough exterior lurks a heart of gold.


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The Emperor’s Machiavellian brother, plagued by jealousy of his sibling.


Brutyus harbors a deep resentment to Aramys, who ended his chances of ever inheriting the throne of Atlantis.  


The battle-hardened is always striving to expand the empire, if only his brother’s overtures for peace did not stand in his way….


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Dyesel’s system technician on the Odyssey.


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Brutyus’ first in command of the Hussars, a mountain of a man, brutal and merciless.


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