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Knights of Atlantis is written by us, the Kotwicki Brothers, Kris and Kacper Kotwicki.

This website is designed to complement the novels and visualise the world of the books, at least to a humble extent via our concept art, because whilst we love storytelling we equally love worldbuilding.

Given the demands of day to day life, the website only captures a very small portion of the world in visual form, but over time we hope to add little bits and pieces to it. There is a whole world from Knights of Atlantis that we'd love to showcase.
So check back every now and then for updates and the latest news!

For the time being though, enjoy exploring the site. If you purchase a book, thanks a bunch and gratitude is given. Your support allows us to write the next chapters in the saga and expand the world of Knights of Atlantis.

Of course, if you also want to get in touch with us, smash that contact link at the bottom of the page!

About the authors of Knights of Atlantis

Here's a selection of media where Knights of Atlantis has popped up:

  • The Discovery Channel show: Wild Tech.

  • PBS Springboard - Into the Digital Age, ‘The Future of War’.

  • Scientific American.

  • BBC-Radio 4's ‘Material World’. 

  • Computer Graphics World..

  • French-Canadian Magazine Les Debrouillards.

  • French periodical Science et Vie Junior.

  • Polish magazine Swiat Nauki.

  • GEO Magazine. 

  • PM-Magazin, a leading German periodical.

  • La Stampa newspaper.

  • Kronerzeitung Magazine, a popular Austrian periodical.

  • ‘Tactical to Practical’ on The History Channel. 

  • ‘Welt der Wunder’ across Europe on RTL2 television. 

  • 'Marine Machines 2’ on The National Geographic Channel.

  • RTL’s Premiere ‘Wunderwelt Wissen’ Magazine.

  • Featured on ‘X-carriers’ on The Military Channel.

Atlantis appearances
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Chimera Fighter above Atlantis
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Supercarriers near Atlantis
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